Question Do all Standard-ATX sized motherboards have a 3-slot spacing for GPUs and all E-ATX motherboards have a 4-slot spacing for GPU (For NVLINK only)


Mar 17, 2016
Tell me if this is true or not and maybe explain why if you can. I am only talking about motherboards that are capable of supporting NV-LINK and not any other motherboards (not SLI or Crossfire)

So, if motherboards come in these 4 common sizes,
  1. Mini-ATX
  2. Micro-ATX
  3. ATX
  4. Extended ATX
I have a MicroATX motherboard and currently the NVLINK required to put the 2-GPU slots together are 2-slot size Nvlink (Which is currently not available on the current market)

Based on basic logic, I assume that because there are only 3-slot and 4-slot NVLINK on the market, that; the standard ATX motherboards only support a 3-slot size NVLINK and the Extended ATX motherboards supports only 4-slot size NVLINK.

Am I correct to assume this?


I'm confused by your wording. There's a difference between a mobo having 2 or 3 or 4 slots and a mobo having 2 slot or 3 slot spacing between the slots.

With anything, it's going to depend on the mobo. There's mITX with 2 slots, mATX with just 1 slot, most ATX have 2, the more expensive have 3 and usually eATX is required for 4, but the exact spacing between the slots is mobo specific, there are motherboards with single or double or triple or combination of double/triple slot spacing.

There are no reference RTX as such, so the only dual slot cards will be the Quadro cards. Any AIB partner cards will be by necessity triple slot sized due to fan needs and spacing.

But bridges come in any size. And are pretty much card specific from what the chart implies.
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