Question Do computer and GPU DisplayPorts contain the computer's audio (when converted to HDMI)?


Jul 5, 2017
I'm just beginning to work with DisplayPort equipped PC's - primarily the Dell Optiplex 9020 MiniTower. Its current GPU doesn't have HDMI (but a future one might). I know it has DisplayPort connections on the motherboard's built-in graphics. My question is this: do DisplayPort sockets carry the computer's audio, what you would normally have on the audio output jacks? And is that audio also present on the DisplayPort socket on a graphics card, without having to separately wire the audio inside the computer?

I ask because, if I was watching through the DisplayPort to an HDMI connector, I'd like to have that audio present. If it isn't, would I have to run a separate audio cable to the TV, or even worse, to a separate amp and speaker system, to hear the computer audio?

Or is there some kind of "breakout box" that would let you put the computer's audio down the HDMI cable - by cutting whatever was coming into the box and substituting your own audio?

Thanks for your help. I just want to understand what I would hear coming out of converted HDMI.


Inline audio from DP to Hdmi is supported via passive or active adapters. The need for a passive or active adapter will depend on resolution and refresh rate requirements for your TV.

Input Displayport to Hdmi for explanations and cable recommendations.

If your TV is 4k (Hdmi 2),