Question Do Corsair fans change RPM themselves?

May 30, 2021
I have the Corsair 220T which has 3 pre installed fans but they don’t show up on icue, only the AIO does. Do they change RPM themselves when I Game? I’m pretty sure I can hear them getting louder when I run a game.


The case included three Corsair SP120 RGB PRO fans for the front, and a Lighting Node Core box that they all must plug into. They should be plugged into the Core unit's first three ports. Then the Core needs TWO other connections. It has a wide connector to plug into a SATA power output from the PSU for power. Then there's separate cable that runs from a socket on the end of the Core unit to a mobo USB2 header. That USB cable is how iCUE can communicate with the Core unit. If it is missing, iCUE cannot find anything!

iCUE should have tools in it to configure BOTH the lights in the three fans AND the speed control of them. Those will be on different pages. Normally you'd let it do its default automatic fan control plan. That WILL constantly change the fan speeds according to temperature measured at a sensor on the motherboard. The fact that you believe you DO hear then fans change speeds according to workload suggests that system may already be operating. MAYBE you just have not found the right screen in iCUE.