Do disabled GPU still use power?


Nov 17, 2007
Hi everyone,

does anyone know if a dedicated graphic card (more specifically, a nVidia GTX 560 Ti) still uses power even when I disabled it via a BIOS setting? I would like to save some energy by disabling the PCIe card when not needed the extra power (not gaming) and only use the Intel HD IGP for everyday tasks.

Thank you.

He doesn't want to use it when he's not playing, but doing jobs he can do also with the Intel chip, and therefore saving money on the electrical bill.
I'm not sure but i think it doesn't use power than, not much anyway. Just check by looking if the fan is on when switched off, also you can feel ( with some plastic foil or something between your hand and the electronic plate ( don't know the English term for that ) and feel if it's cold or not.
The amount of power you are going to save is tiny, probably amounting to only a few cents a month. By switching to the integrated card, for all we know, it could actually use more power because you are technically stressing it more to run your desktop than you would your 560ti. This not worth fretting over, really.
When not being utilized the GTX 560 Ti will be using about 14w of power. Assuming the PC is 24 hours per day and there's 30 days in a month, that works out to 10KWH per month. Assuming you are pay $0.13 per KWH, that works out to $1.30 per month.