Do early adapters pay more?


Mar 25, 2012
I think AMD Trinity is coming out Q2 most likely end of June from what Ive read. I'm thinking of holding out on overhauling my system till then. But Im wondering, when the first trinity cpus and motherboards are released, are they usually priced higher than a month or few later? I heard with Ivy Brigde the high end releases first. I'm probably aiming for upper mid range. Should I be prepared to wait extra months longer and pay extra? Or are the msrp prices pretty steady and options plenty on the release date?

And should one expect a major price drop on llano cpus when trinity is released?

Im debating on llano or trinity. Diablo3 and Guild Wars 2 right away or later...
Yes, early adopters can pay more depending on if there is really high demand. For example, the Core 2 Quad Q9450 was supposed to have street price of around $325 back when it was released in 2008. Due to high demand many e-tailers charged a premium. I bought mine for around $365, but I remember seeing prices as high as $425. I remember that 'cause read the person's post with a link to the Q9450 for $425 and quickly directed him to the site where I bought mine for $365.
The above is what I would call an extreme case. Another case would be the Radeon HD 5850. It's street price was supposed to be $259, but prices started to go up relatively soon after it's release. I think there was a production issue causing a shortage. I managed to get mine for about $280 before prices shot up over $300.

Your best bet is to gt Trinity regardless of how much the price of Llano APUs will drop. My guess it will only be a small drop. It is currently estimated that Trinity will generally provide 25% more CPU processing power and 50% more GPU performance than Llano APUs.

If that is true, then it's best to get a Trinity APU if you are going to rely on integrated graphics. Llano's A8-3800 APUs have the Radeon HD 6550D integrated graphics core; it more or less has about 85% - 90% performance of a desktop Radeon HD 5570. A 50% increase would mean that Trinity's best integrated graphics core would probably have about 80% performance of a Radeon HD 5670 / Radeon HD 6570 graphics card.
I waited several months for Bd to hit, but like you had a backup chip just in case,
Bd wasn't what it could have been so I ordered a 975BE but still have the socket to upgrade if I choose to,

I would hold off till then, plan/design other parts of the build and if trinity is a winner then you're all set, but have the llano to fall back on if not