Question Do Front Panel Connector Wires Need to Be Correct Polarity?

Dec 3, 2020
I am nearing completion of a new build using Asus Z490 Creator MOBO. I've built a half-dozen or more, but this one is a bit tricky due to not enough specifics in the ASUS documentation. Add to that my weakening eyesight and the ridiculously small board label imprint, I am in need of a little help:
(1) The only post I found was for a ROG Strix B450-F by ChumP dtd 9/16/2014 w/ diagram for the front panel connector on his system. But no joy for this new Asus Z490 board of mine. I want to be sure that the connections are the same location for my MOBO as his diagram. If not, or if I have missed another post/diagram, I would appreciate a link.
(2) Also, if I want to test the system operation and front switch is it OK just to leave the other front panel connectors (audio, LEDs, ResetSW, etc.) disconnected until I have finished the check? Meaning: Will this create any harm? (3) As for the connector wires that show a +/- polarity on the board (LEDs), is the white or Black wire positive? As for other connectors w/ same (black color), I assume there is no +/-. Correct?


The power and reset switch wires don't matter as they simply close a loop. HD audio usually has a pinout that only allows one way to connect. LED connector won't be damaged if it is reversed.

Page 1-21 of your MANUAL shows the front I/O pin layout. Usually black is ground, but some case companies use other colors.
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