Do HDR and WCG need to be enabled in Windows 10 settings to use them in games that support them?

Feb 14, 2018
Does the 'HDR and WCG' option need to be enabled in the Windows 10 settings in order to use HDR and WCG in games that support them? With this option enabled, some issues arise in Steam and some games that DON'T use HDR and WCG, so I'd like to keep it disabled while still being able to use HDR and WCG in games that support them.
"High-dynamic-range content doesn’t automatically display in HDR. It plays in standard dynamic range by default. You need to head into Windows 10’s display settings and activate HDR to enjoy the enhanced visuals, but doing so plunges all non-HDR content into murkiness, casting a dim, gray hue over everything else. It’s ugly and unusable for standard tasks, so you’re forced to head into the display settings to manually enable HDR whenever you want to watch a video or play a game, then disable it when you’re done. FreeSync 2 displays include technology to automatically switch to HDR when you boot compatible games, then switch back to standard desktop settings when you’re done, but overall, the HDR experience on Windows 10 is a wonky, bleeding-edge mess."

So I'd say you likely are forced to keep it on in W10 and change as needed currently. I don't know if you'd need a new MONITOR or whether they can switch in software with a driver update (NVidia or AMD) for your existing Freesync 1 or GSync monitor.

I don't have an HDR screen and this is the best info I could find.

*I'd also say see what happens to HDR support in a game if you disable it for W10. Is it greyed out now? If so I guess you are SOL currently.

It's also likely Microsoft will fix the visual issues. I know it's already improved for the desktop so hopefully that will continue.


its not needed, and i advice to not use it on windows, its bugged when u run game which doesnt support hdr and u run them in fullscreen, any osd like things (volume up/down whatever) will mess up colors
setting up hdr in game works flawlessly, doesnt mess up anything
my samsung tv reports hdr content enabled while windows has hdr/wcg off

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