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Question Do I have a faulty GPU HDMI port?


Sep 21, 2017
I have had a pretty basic PC setup with two displays connected to a single GPU. I used to have a GeForce 760, it was conected via VGA-to-HDMI to a monitor, and via HDMI-to-HDMI to A/V receiver which was connected via HDMI to a TV. And when I'm using TV, my desktop is duplicated, and GPU outputs to two displays. I had no complaints with this for some 8 years.

I have not so long ago upgraded to Ryzen 5 3600, B450 Aorus with 2070s. The setup remained basically the same, except instead of VGA-to-HDMI the GPU is now connected via DP-to-HDMI to a monitor.

And I'm experiencing some strange glitches when using HDMI out. Every once in a while red lines appear across the screen, and sound disappears for a second. This can happen when playing a game, this can happen when watching a movie. So I don't think that this is connected to how much GPU is used, although I don't know for sure.

This doesn't happen every day and every time, so it's very hard for me to pinpoint the exact source of the problem.

I of course checked that HDMI cable is connected properly on both ends, multiple times. And I keep my drivers mostly up to date. Since this doesn't seem to happen when I'm using DP, I thought maybe the reciever port is faulty, so I used a different one, the red lines and skipping audio seem to remain. I saw them a couple of times again.

The only real thing I cannot check is the cable itself, since the PC is pretty far from the receiver, and I just don't have a cable of similar length.

From you experince what might be causing it?

  1. Is it the cable, or the HDMI out port?
  2. Can it be a problem with PCI port on the mobo?
  3. Is it too much strain on the GPU somehow, and the sceen duplication is to blame? If so, why 760 had no such problems?
  4. Can it be a lack of PSU voltage or power?