Do I have a magical 7950?


Nov 17, 2012
So I put together my rig yesterday which included an MSI Twin Frozr III 7950. It one of the new boost edition ones so the core clock was 960Mhz and the voltage is 1.125v. It has two 6 pins on it for power. I was able to max out the sliders in afterburner to a core clock of 1200Mhz and memory to 1575Mhz. Does this sound right to you? I kept the voltage at stock because it was running fine. No artifacts or flickering or anything like that. Is there anyway I would be able to increase the clocks and memory any more in afterburner? I've run tests with 3dMark 11 and Kombuster and the GPU at max load is only 68c and it idles at a steady 30c with fan on 60%. This thing is quiet and cool!! On 3dMark 11 I ran a benchmark in 1080p on the extreme setting and the fps averaged only about 20fps. Here is my score: x4014 I'm new to overclocking so I don't know if all this is normal or not. I get between 70fps - 100+fps in Skyrim. I have an intel core i5 3570k for a CPU.