Question Do I have a Windows 10 or a hardware problem? Dell Inspirion 15 5567


Aug 7, 2017
Do I have a Windows 10 problem and/or hardware problems? Please give me some ideas what I can do? I have a Dell Inspirion 15 5567 that has had the Windows 10, motherboard, hard drive, key pad, touch pad, numbers pad, dvd drive, LCD touch screen replaced all more than once. When the last repairman came out to replace the motherboard and the memory, he was unable to replace the memory as he said the two 8GB memory chips would couled not be used and put back in the old ones. The time before that, they sent me back my laptop with Windows 10 unable not able to authenticate and then I had to send it back to them and then I received it back and the once I received it back I received blue and white screen errors, white lines on my screen (the screen had just been replaced and the hard drive and Windows 10 again). Then I spent 8 hours on the phone with technical support with them having control of my laptop and they spent hours just trying to get their SupportAssist to install and work ad then trying to find out what was wrong with the functions on the laptop and they stated I need to do a clean install of Windows 10 again (I have lost count of how many times they have done this and replaced the hard drive but it has been more than five. Now my programs still do not functions correctly and I have had to have the companies help to install them as they do not install with the exe and tested to make sure they have installed correctly. For example: they locate their path for their working folders. They do not calculate math functions correctly, they do not install with the normal exe files, program freeze and shut down. I do not have many of the normal icons on my Task Bar and sometimes they do not look correct. Files disappear. The USB ports on the left side of my laptop do not recognize the USB most of the time. I need some advice on what to do. They want me to do a clean install of Windows 10 again but I will not be able to reinstall some of my programs


Apr 4, 2019
that's a lemon
everything was changed, but the PSU, maybe it's the cause. in my case i wouldn't bother more and cut my losses.

sorry for that