Question Do I have faulty memory?

Dec 11, 2019
I recently bought 24 GB of extra ram. All the same exact stick (g.skill Aegis f4-3000c16d). However, since then my games, random programs and browser tabs have been crashing. I also got a few BSOD's. I've ran windows memory diagnostic already, I've also ran memtest86. Both giving 0 errors. What can I do? I have tried changing some motherboard settings involving ram, turning aXMP off, changing profiles on it. But all to no effect.

mb: MSI b450 gaming plus
gpu: MSI gtx 1060 6g
cpu: ryzen 5 2600
ram: 32gb aegis f4-3000c16d
So, did you buy 3 individual sticks of the same ram? Or a 2 x matched kit and a single stick.

Either way, it's always best to buy in a 2 x matched kit or a 4 x matched kit, otherwise you may experience problems exactly as you have.

It's worth updating your bios if you haven't already as this will ensure you have the best set up for mem compatibility.

Ram is not guaranteed to work together unless it's bought in a matched kit. You can try one stick at a time, and I suspect it will work just fine without crashes. Then try the other sticks individually, and alternate until you can get as many dimms as possible to work together without issue.
G.Skill as well as other memory manufacturers do not guarantee compatibility when using exact match, same thing, identical memory modules that did not come in a single kit of memory.

You are free to do your own compatibility testing with no guarantees.
Dec 11, 2019
if u get no errors in metest , ram may actually work
but in windows bsod usualy means u dont have enough voltage
4 rams on ryzen usualy needs to raise a little bit voltage to memory controller (VDD_SOC), u shouldnt go over 1.2v
I'll try that, thanks. I hope this works, i don't hope they are incompatible.
Exactly what are the sticks involved?
3000 speed ddr4 will not run at 3000 unless it is overclocked with voltage higher than the stock 1.2v.
The fact that memtest 86 runs clean is a good thing so you may be able to get this to work.
It usually takes a bit more voltage to manage 4 sticks vs. 2.
In a matched kit, 1.35v may work.
But in this case, increase the ram voltage a bit at a time and see how you do.
I would not go past 1.4v