Question Do I have motherboard damage/laptop LVDS screen issue ?

Mar 31, 2022

Recently I had a stupid accident.. I put my notebook in the rucksack which fell on the floor from about 5 feet height.. No damage to the notebook was apparent until i switched it on! Mixed lines on screen, eventually black screen and it would no longer produce any visual output. Laptop would still operate fine regardless.

I then ordered a new replacement screen thinking it was purely a faulty screen but when plugged the new one into a motherboard - still no display/completely black screen :( - OS however does recognise the display as Panasonic 12' inch display but any settings i try to apply to it won't switch it on from the black.

I was thinking maybe it could be a faulty LVDS connector for whatever reason but I dont have any experience in computer circuitry.. The notebook is a Sony Vaio Pro 11 a 2013-2014 release year - pretty old making parts such as motherboard difficult to find - I could not find any for sale. Any help, suggestions appreciated. I am from the UK, perhaps I could send it to some good service technician/guru if anyone could advise .. providing it also wont cost me over $150 for these repairs?
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You could source a replacement board for your laptop matching it's SKU by looking it up on Aliexpress but please keep in mind that trying to replace an old laptop's motherboard could have gremlin's of it's own. Out of curiosity, how do you see the OS if your display is out of action? External display output? If so, you might want to include a couple of images of the damage and perhaps a video of the issue you're experiencing.