Question Do I need 10 core 44 lane CPU with Gigabyte motherboard to use all available PCIe bandwidth?

Jul 31, 2019
Hi all,

First time posting here, I hope someone can help me.

I am building a pc and need some advice. The motherboard I am using is a Gigabyte Aorus x299 Master. I am initially adding the following PCIe cards: 1 x16 graphics card, 1 x8 10Gb ethernet card and 1 x4 thunderbolt adapter card. I would like my CPU to support 44 lanes though in order to cater for this and future upgrades.

The CPU I have in mind is the i7-9800X which has 8 cores and 44 lanes which seems perfect and comes at a cheaper price than the i9 X series.

The problem is that in the user guide for the Gigabyte motherboard where it describes the different PCIe setups it mentions to use the 4-way setup I need a 44 lane 10 core CPU. The i7-9800X has 8 cores and not 10.

The question is if running 8 cores instead of 10 will be a problem? My impression was that the important part is the 44 lanes. I have not seen other motherboard specs mention 10 cores, they always only refer to 44 lanes.

Any feedback would be appreciated.