Question Do I need a graphics card for a STREAMING PC?

Oct 6, 2019
Hi guys,

Hope you all staying safe during this time. I have a noob question. I currently play and stream all on 1 PC. i7-9700k with RTX 2080s. Though, it does the job well. But whenever I play a demanding game like RDR2 on ultra, my stream lag quite a bit on OBS.

Now I am thinking about getting a streaming PC. However, I want to use the Elgato 4k capture card. Will I need a graphics card with that system by any chance? I am just trying to cut down the cost.

Thanks in advance!
Oh really? How about the encoding function in obs when you're streaming? I guess it won't matter because I am using the capture card right?
Well you will need some sort of output if you want to be seeing what's happening but any kind of iGPU will be enough for that,you just have to make sure you get a mobo with a correct output.

You could try and use the integrated GPU of your 9700k (quick sync) with OBS that should use the minimum amount of CPU and your main GPU and should not produce any lag.