Question Do I need Intel Management Interface/ Engine? Don't think so, but not 100% sure...yet


Jan 19, 2009
It's been a few weeks, even maybe a couple months that I'm having an issue that is driving me crazy. Sometimes, and only sometimes when I shutdown my computer a few leds and fans stays on and yes, I did all the basic troubleshooting such as, disabling Fast Startup (never used that to be honest), have My Power Plan at higher Performance (always was/is) and have ALL devices power management option "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" DISABLED (unchecked). My first thought was for a ground/short...I even used a different outlet for a couple days and worked fine first day and second and then came back on third...I even removed the Power Supply, check all the cables...exchanged a few...and like I said happens sometimes and sometimes not . I also tested with all USB peripherals disconnected and no luck.

After Googling, I read a few things that it could be the Intel Management Engine that is causing that issue. Was using a version from the beginning of this year and then tried to downgrade it to the previous version. Again, worked fine for a few days and then the issue came back. Two days ago, I saw a brand new version of the Intel Management Engine (from 10/2021) at my board website (ASUS ROG Maximus Hero XI) and download it, install it and when shutdown at issues. Anyways, this morning I was installing the new AMD drivers for my Sapphire 5700 XT in Safe Mode and decided to completely remove the Intel Management Engine thinking that Windows will reinstall it by itself and guess what? It didn't...I've check my Device Manager for any Exclamation marks and/or Unknown Devices and there is I've check my Task Manager for the Intel Management Interface Process which use to be there and no...isn't there anymore and last but not least the Intel Management service isn't there anymore I'm I really NEED the Intel Management Engine?

I know is too soon to say (need to test for a full week or even a month to be 100% sure) that I found the culprit for my issue but so far I did not had any shutdown issues in the last two days. Another thing that I noticed was a small performance improvement (unfortunately I have not made any Benchmark before and after uninstalling the Intel Management Engine) although Photoshop and other few software I use more often are opening faster and it's noticeable. SNAGIT was one that when I use to click the PRINTSCRN key use to freeze for a few milliseconds and now is instant.

Last but not least I read also that if I disable/uninstall the Intel Management Interface/Engine like I did I would not be able to use TPM and/or Windows Bitlocker and both are working just fine on my Windows?

So the question is...Do I really need the Intel Management Interface/Engine? To me it seems I don't, however it's to soon to confirm so I will come back and update this post if something happens.
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