Do I need PhysiX?

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Oct 23, 2010
This may seem like a stupid question to most of you guys, but I only recently started gaming on computers and I don't know anything about Physix. Seeing as how it's Nvidia and I am using ATI cards, will I need to download Physix drivers?
Actually, most physX capible graphic engines use physX on the CPU. It's only a few that have more advanced physX effects that requires you to have an Nvidia card to run those calculations.

Even those without Nvidia cards will have physx drivers installed when playing one of the many physx titles. You won't usually have to do this as the game installation will do it for you.

On those games with GPU accelerated physX, you will need an Nvidia card installed, but it can be a dedicated card running along with your other card. If your primary card is an ATI there are hacks that are rather easy to install, that will allow you to do this.
i know that. but it was getting late when i wrote my comment so i don't have much time to explain the thing in much detail. btw thanks for the clarification ;)
btw i've once stumble with this card near my local shops:

on the box it says: physics processing support. does it mean this card can process physics effect in the game?

i know this is off topic. sorry :p

i'm aware of that. when i see it for the first time i'm wondering what game already did use ati card for it's physics calculation because i never heard one. at one time i think it might able to calculate physics that normally done with cpu such as HAVOK using the gpu because there is still no game incorporate bullet physics back then
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