Question Do I need special power cable for my Mac mini (late 2014)?

May 6, 2019
Hello mates,

My uncle from Australia sent me a late 2014 Mac mini, but he don't know where he put the power cable so it wasn't part of the package 😅. I was supposed to buy, but it hit me that other countries could have different outlet wattage output or if its original power adapter has converter.

My MacMini is something like this:

Do you guys think if I buy something that will direct this to my power outlet (220W in my country), it will be safe? Something like this?

Hope somebody can help. This would actually be my first Apple product to try so I have absolutely no idea what to do.

Your top picture box says 120-240, so ur good to go.

FYI, modem electronics, and computers now for a while use switching power supplies, which are typically 120/220 volts auto switching. More than u want to know am sure.