Question Do I need the Corsair Commander Pro?

Mar 30, 2019

I’ve recently built my first pc and I’ve installed two Corsair LL120 RGB Fans and Corsair RGB Strips. Can I just use the Node pro and fan hub for my strips and fans rather than by the Commander Pro? If so, how do I got about this?



The only thing that can be said to be standard about pc RGB is that there's nothing standard about it. Some use 5v, some use 12v. Some are 5050, some are 3pin ARGB, some are 4pin RGB, there's also 5pin and 6pin RGBW.

Compatability will depend on much research, seeing what fittings, voltages apply to what component, including the mobo ports and software. Vendor software like used by Thermaltake and NZXT and older stuff from Corsair was definitely proprietary in design, as was much of the hardware, and may or may not be compliant with Mystic or AORUS or Aura or Polychrome.

RGB is getting better, but it's far from perfectly sync'd the way fan control is, as far as mix-n-match goes.

As it is, the lighting node pro comes with 2 channels, 1 channel will handle upto 6 Corsair (proprietary connectors) ARGB fans via the included hub, the other channel can power upto 4 ARGB strips (included).

The Only reason to get the Commander would be IF you wanted the Corsair software to also monitor/control fan speeds. Otherwise the Node Pro is plenty good enough and the connectors should physically match. You will need the mini-USB to USB 2.0 cable for use with the iCue software to have any control over colors whatsoever. This can be an issue on some mobo's as they've cut out any USB2.0 headers in favor of USB 3.0/3.1
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