[SOLVED] Do I need to keep macrium (free version) after cloning?


Oct 6, 2017
I cloned my old hdd to a new ssd and it works perfectly. However, I know that cloned boot drives can sometimes mess up, and I did some research before cloning. I faintly remember reading somewhere that macrium solves these boot issues? by running in the background? I have No Idea Whatsoever, to be honest, and my research was so long ago that I lost all the sources.

I kept macrium installed after I was done because I'm lazy, but it REALLY REALLY wants to update now, it keeps reminding me every twenty minutes. It's also running three different processes (the main program, a UI watcher and some utility service). I doubt I'll have to clone anything soon, and I was wondering whether these processes actually do anything aside from eating some of my memory and bloating my startup.

Bottom line is, I want to get rid of it, will it impact anything? I have a lot of stuff on here that I can't afford to lose and can't reinstall.


EDIT: thank you all, I'm just gonna uninstall and keep the installer in case I need it for backups!
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