Do I need to reinstall AMD Catalyst 13.1?


Oct 4, 2012
Hi all,

I was using Catalyst 12.11 (I believe).. I saw the update option available in Catalyst center so I clicked update and it auto updated and installed the version 13.1...

But it seems my card is crappier... Unigine DX 11 heaven 3.0 with extreme tesselation etc scored ~1050 in version 12.11...
in 13.1 it scores like ~950.... and i notice micro stutter... I would assume 13.1 would improve the card

It seems I would need to remove the catalyst and reinstall.. any suggestions on best approach in doing this? Also should i stick with 12.11 or redo with 13.1?


my specs:
HD 7950
i7 3770k
16gb ripjaws
asus v lx
WD black
intel 330
intel 520
windows 8 pro 64 bit


Feb 24, 2011
It would seem I am having the same issue. I updated to 13.1 through catalyst and my performance seems to have dropped. My system is nearly identical to yours but I am using windows 7 64bit.

We probably should have done a fresh install of 13.1 instead of updating through catalyst because we could be experiencing issues with the 2 versions crossing. So thats what I am going to go do right now.. in case you need help with the redo I'll tell you the best route.

1. Download 13.1 drivers or whatever you're going to install and if you dont have it also download Driver Cleaner Pro
2. Uninstall Catalyst and all drivers through control panel and reboot PC.
3. Open Driver Cleaner Pro and remove all ATI files using that program because 99 times out of 100 their will be left over files
4. Install 13.1 and reboot PC again and you should be good to go.