Question Do I need to replace my CMOS battery?

Apr 28, 2022
I have a 5 year old ASUS laptop that I rarely use (work backup). I've booted it up a few times in the past 3 years, but normally just briefly to make sure it's still working.

I booted it up a few hours ago and had a few random shutdowns. I assumed those were due to the battery not being charged in a while. I noticed a few minutes later that the time was incorrect and the date was 2 months in the past.

I updated the date and time and let it charge for bit and it has been working fine ever since. Should I replace the CMOS battery, or is it possible that there was another issue that caused this?


The purpose of a Cmos motherboard battery is to preserve bios settings across full power failures.
It is certainly possible that over time, yours has failed.
But, if you have a good working laptop battery, it should be able to keep settings.
Laptop motherboard batteries are not the usual CR2032 coin batteries found on desktop motherboards.
Ig you want to, use google to find a video on how to do it on your particular laptop, and also to find exactly what the required replacement part is.