Question do i need to update bios after cpu upgrade

Dec 29, 2020
so i want to upgrade my cpu from a i3 3240 to a i5 2500 and i wanted to know if i needed to update my bios after upgrading
my motherboard: FOXCONN 2ABF
if so could you also tell me how do i update my bios
also is a i5 2500 better than an i3 3240 because i feel like im downgrading my cpu
Since you are upgrading to an older CPU you shouldn't have to do a BIOS update, your board should already support the 2500.

The 2500 is older than the 3240 but it does perform better as it has 4 physical cores vs. the 3240 which only has two cores with hyperthreading. Both chips are quite old now so don't expect great high end gaming performance or blazing fast productivity out of them, but the 2500 will be an improvement.
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