Question Do I need to upgrade my PSU?


Feb 22, 2015
I"m currently using a 2070 super but im planning to upgrade to a 3080ti, will I need to increase my current Power Supply? Its at 850w right now so do I need it to be 1000 to handle the 3080ti upgrade?

I know if I go straight to a 4080 I would definitely need to change my power supply.

My Specs:

GPU - RTX 2070 Super
PSU - Cosair RM 850i
Motherboard - ROG Strix X570-F
CPU Ryzen 7- 3800X
Harddrives: Two m.2 SSD, Two HDDs
Cooler: Kraken X53 RGB
Fans: 6 Lian Li SL120
RAM: Ztrident 3200mhz 32gig