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Question Do I need to use fans on the aio if I’m front mounting?

Jun 1, 2020
I plan to front mount my nzxt x73 360mm aio on my 465x case. Should I install the fans including with the aio onto the radiator or just mount the radiator by it self on the front of the case where 3xll120 fans are already. If so should I put the included nzxt fans as pull on I’m the inner side of the case?


If you can do a push-pull setup, then do that - sandwiching the radiator between the fans.
If it's not possible, due to a lack of gpu clearance or some other issue, then do either push or pull with the radiator fans.


You do it any way you please as long as a fan is blowing/sucking air through the radiator. Just consider though that the fans that are included with the radiator are built for a radiator, and the RGB 'stuff' on the case is built for looks not performance. All three of those case fans might equal a little more than the ability of just one of the radiator fans.

If insisting on form over function, I'd recommend you put the radiator fans in 'pull' configuration, with the RGB fans at 'push', just to not lose the performance you paid for.