Question Do I really need a RTX 3080?


May 13, 2010
Two days back I burned my GTX 970 from overclocking, and now I need to buy a new one. The obvious choice with all the news in the world is RTX 3X series. But should I really go for it?
  • Budget is not exactly my issue but do not want to waste money
  • I am running a i5 7600K (which I might upgrade to RYZEN in an year's time)
  • I am running a single monitor which can't throw more than 60 FPS
  • My PSU can give 1000W output
  • I am not really a big fan of 4k gaming, and 60 FPS @1080p is I am good with @ max settings (which I never got with GTX 970 until I overclocked it and burned it)
  • My mobo is MSI Z270 cameo
Apart from RTX3000 which other card would you suggest? Do you think GTX 2080 is something I should settle with, if they reduce the price? What else?
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Nov 28, 2015
Okay since you're not a fan of 4k then it automatically crosses out the 3080. In fact it crosses out any gpu from 2080 to 3080. Truth is 1080p@60hz isnt really demanding. You can get a rtx 2070 super for futureproof if you want to continue playing games at high settings for the next couple of years. It also leaves you some headroom if you decided to upgrade your monitor all the way to 1440p 144hz but ofc you'll need a better cpu to push fps till that level. This is if you really need a gpu now. If you dont, i'd wait out for the rtx 3070. It's gotta be more powerful than the 2070 super with the price not so far off. Good thing with most intel cpu is that they have igpu so you can use that for display for the moment. The only problem is that you may not get rtx 3070 on release date due to the stock outage.
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