Question Do I upgrade my GPU for better streaming performance?

Nov 1, 2022
I currently have a prebuilt i3-10105F with a gtx 1650. It performs very decently compared to my old acer nitro 5 laptop but i want to be able to stream Valorant and still hit a minimum of 150fps. Currently when i stream my framerate fluctuates from 180-90fps constantly and the only way i could fix it was by capping my fps to 100. If I were to upgrade my pc to fix this would a 3060ti fix all my problems or would i be wasting my money?


The 1650 uses an older version of Nvidia's NVENC, so upgrading to something with the better NVENC, 1660 or faster, should help. Just be sure your power supply is up to the task. I would say a 3060ti probably won't reach it's max potential, with that CPU. Do you have the full specs of this prebuild?