Question do malware remain even after formating the HDD?

Jan 20, 2019
i installed some really bad malware on my pc a week ago, someone then took control of my whole pc and i got alot of trojans and viruses on an hourly/daily basis. i soon noticed that there was an HDD drive that i didn't reconize showing up in "My Computer", and it even started putting files and folders in my "C" and "D"partition. then my email was logged into and i found that it was registered to a bunch of sites and services that i've never heard of before.

- so in the end, i formatted my C partition and reinstalled windows on it.

- i then ran scans using panda antivirus and malwarebytes on my entire HDD, all negative.

- i boot into hirenbootCD's mini XP and used file explorer to check for any hidden files that could be malicious in both partitions "C" and "D", i found some hidden files and deleted them all.

so after having done all this, i was just wondering if this is enough? or i need some kind of professional grade deep-scanner to find malware that could not be found by regular consumer antivirus and malware security software?

thanks so much for letting me know!