[SOLVED] do modern m.2/ssd drives still suffer performanue for being full such as the Samsung 970 500gb version?

I don't know that 75% is a good number with today's 500gb and larger drives.
I might think 90% or more before you notice anything.
Of course, it will depend on how much you are hammering it.
Any drive needs a breather to free up nand blocks for new updates.


Right. Point being, the more you fill a drive, the lower the performance is likely to become. At some point, whether AT 75% or higher, depending, performance begins to degrade. I think 75% has been shown in the past to be the tipping point where performance goes down hill.

Especially if you have enabled overprovisioning, which is going to probably lower that number somewhat if you factor the loss of THAT space into the equation as well. Obviously, not everybody does that, even though they really should.
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