Question Do mouse gestures help or is it just a gimmick?


Mar 5, 2023
Do you use mouse gesture programs such as StrokeIt or do such gestures only make it harder to use the computer? In old Windows, for example, in Windows 98 there were sound goodies that the drop-down menu and maximizing the window and minimizing the window made sounds and these sounds only interfered with the use of the computer and in newer Windows these sounds were withdrawn by default. Could it be that someone accidentally moves the mouse pointer and the program detects a mouse gesture and performs it?


Unless there is a specific need/requirement for "gestures" (or any such enhancements) my recommendation is not to bother.

Who knows what the immediate consequences might be and, even more so, what future consequences may be.

And if there is a specific requirement then try to test the program where if thing go astray you can easily recover both data and/or the entire system if bad things happen.

However what works now may not work later......

Be sure all data and the system is backed up and recoverable.

Which should be routine anyway.....

Just my thoughts on the matter.