Question Do new SSDs come with a couple hundred GBs of data already written onto them?

Sep 23, 2020
I just bought a new Adata Su800 SATA SSD and just after connecting it, both Adata SSD Toolbox and Crystal Disk Info showed 0.24 Tb (240Gb) already written onto it even before me creating any partiton on it. Is it normal for new SSDs to come with a couple hundred GB of data already written onto them, or should I put in a replacement request?

Also, after creating a partion, I ran Crystal 3D Mark once on it and TBW went up by 50gb, then I installed Windows 10 and played Horizon Zero Dawn (around 55gb game size) for an hour, and the TBW went up by 150gb. So in total it went from 240gb to 440gb just in a matter of a couple hours. The next morining I woke up and watched 2-3 youtube videos, and the TBW goes up by another 10Gb. Indexing, superfetch and everything else are disabled via the option in Adata SSD toolbox.

Are these normal TBW values or could something be wrong with the SSD? It has barely been 24 hours (13 hours with SSD powered on) since I got the SSD and TBW is already at 450Gb.

UPDATE: So I contacted Amazon, where I bought the SSD from, and received the following answer for the 0.24 Tb already written:
"It is a default memory allocation for SLC caching and a DRAM cache buffer to boost read/write performance. Each SSD have some default memory allocations as per the new technologies that have been implemented with SSDs"

If true, this bit of info might help people with the same query as mine in the future. Would appreciate if anyone here can confirm this as well. Thanks in advance to whoever takes the time to answer. :)
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