[SOLVED] Do noise dampening cases actually work?

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Jan 1, 2019
i never said the be quiet fans are bad

be quiet cases with sound dampening are not ideal for parts that work hot, because the design of the case and the speed of the fans are focused on reduce noise, at the expense of temperature, not much more, but extra when compared to a meshify c case or similar high airflow cases

the fan is a fan that spins, moves air and does it silently, nothing wrong with it, at all

any fan can be replaced, but the rgb is the problem, if it uses a specific controller integrated in the front or top of the case, the new fan will not work with it, so you loose rgb control but if you say you don't care, well, buy the best noctua fans or the best be quiet fans you can, a fan hub to connect all fans in the hub and control it with the motherboard fan header and set the fan curve on that header to low speed

if that is not enough, then you can consider a new psu and new case, but first try the fans, so you don't end with a case that has no use for you that makes you feel like you wasted time and money

often the stock fans on cases are just bad, it has been my experience with corsair and nzxt, so i end up changing them always for new ones
Okay, thanks everyone for the help, appreciate it.


I think I have found some good fans.

  1. Do these come in 140mm?
  2. Would they pair well with Pure Base 500 case?
  3. Do I buy 3-4 and take out my pure wings 2 that come with the case, or just another two to go with my Pure wings 2?
i was checking the pure base 500, it seems as a low airflow case, it only has some small ventiallation grills on the sides in the front, very few reviews of it

is a microatx case i think, no idea how good is and if it can fit 140mm fans on front or rear, if you want to buy this case, i can't give you any recommendation on it, because i never used it and not much info online about it

based on a guru3d review, it seems it can have 2 140mm in the front, 2 1400 in the top and 1 140mm in the back

if i had that case i would put 2 140mm in the front pulling air in, one on the top and one 140mm on the back pushing air out

the noctua fans, there is a black model iirc, check those out, if not that expensive, you can use them and will color coordinate a bit better than the brown and beige combination


sounds like you have a plan, i hope you already know what to do with the case you plan to retire now

a small correction, it seems that the rear fan is 120mm and in the rear it only can acomodate a 120mm fan, so you would need or want to buy 3 140 mms, 2 on the front, one on the top of the case, if you want to go all noctua, buy the same noctua fan but in 120mm version so you don't reuse any fan from the case
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