Question Do RAW Images Contain EXIF Data?

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Apr 9, 2019
I have a Nikon 7100 or something like that - I very rarely use it now - maybe only once a year.
I like the naming scheme my phone (and most) use when it takes photos and have a renamer program to look at exif data and change it to "IMG_YYYMMDD_HHMMSS".
The Nikon names everything DSC_1234 but as I shoot in JPEG and RAW, then it names both the same file name - that's greta as it means both stay together in Windows.

I'm away from my PC so can't check but do the raw images contain the exif data so I can rename them to the mobile phone format?
The camera doesn't give me this option on board.

More to the question is whether I bother shooting in JPG any more anyway.
Now Windows can preview and show thumbnails of Raw images, then there may be no need for the JPG. Hmm.
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My Fuji X-T1 does.

The output of EXIFTool, on a .raf file

Here, .raf on the left, .jpg on the right
RAW files on my Canon and Sony's have to have Exif data because I only shoot in raw. When I edit my raw files in lightroom, it automatically detects and compensates distortion of the exact camera lens I'm using, as well as tells me the shutterspeed and aperture. There's no other way to know that unless it's in the raw file.