Question Do routers impact mesh performance?


Feb 9, 2015
In about a week I will be switching to the xfinity gigabit internet connection. I informed the technician I will be using my own equipment. ( which hasn’t been ordered yet.)

My question is will a good vs cheap router impact WiFi speeds for devices connected to the mesh?

I plan on getting a cheap router around $50 USD (that supports gigabit connection) However, would it be worth it to spend an extra $50-100 for a better router?

I live in a 3500sqft house and plan on getting 2-3 mesh devices. Typically I have anywhere from 6-12 devices connected on WiFi.
It is not the router that causes the issue but just using mesh will greatly impact your performance.

There is no free lunch, mesh in not some magic bandwidth increasing device. All it really is a slightly better form of repeater. Repeaters in general cost you 1/2 your bandwidth. Some mesh systems are a bit better but any time you have to send out a second radio signal it uses up bandwidth.

Mesh is mostly just fancy marketing to get people who already purchased repeaters to spend even more money on some new magic.

The best coverage method is to use ethernet connected to your main router and put AP in the remote rooms. This has the the industry gold standard for years. So called mesh units can run in this method also but it tends to be cheaper to use actual AP or use routers running as AP.

If you do not have ethernet I would consider powerline to do the same function as ethernet. Some of the better powerline units have AP wifi built into the remote end. You want to make sure you buy the newer AV2 based technology older stuff did not work as well