Question do they make a rear IO panel extension for Wall Mounted PC?


Jun 18, 2009
So I am working on a new build Idea for my new office.

I want to show off my Gaming PC and I thought an open-air wall-mounted PC would do the trick, but I need some info on some custom stuff. For the setup, I plan to hide as much of the wiring as possible and have each part be separate on the board. I plan to put a plug for the PSU behind the board. then I would like to run all the cabling behind as well. I would like to have the Mobo in the middle then the dual Vid cards to the side then a PSU to the side. the most difficult thing I am envisioning is that I want to have the plugs (rear IO panel) for the monitors, usb, ethernet, audio all down near the bottom of my wall like where an electrical outlet would be so I can have all the cables for my monitors and peripherals tidy and not seen near the board.

  • Do they make PCIE 3.0 or 4.0 extension cables to have the video cards to the side of the motherboard?
  • Do they make custom cabling that would allow me to have the back IO items down to a board near the bottom of my wall?
  • Do they make any other extensions for things like the 20+4 pin, 8pin, etc?


There are hundreds of extension cables of all types available.

For example: google "PCIe extension cable".

However, such products can vary a great deal with respect to design, components/materials, assembly, quality and cost.

Holds true for even recognized brand name products and there are also a lot of counterfeit products out there.

Sketch out a plan that shows all of the desired/required cables and corresponding specs.

Then all you can do is search online for cables that meet your requirements.

Be wary of the sources.