Question Do video card drivers file locations affect graphics on secondary drive games?

Dec 14, 2020
Ok so recently I wanted to upgrade my storage. All I had was a 3tb hdd for my boot and games drives. So I sold that one and got me a sn750 wd black 500gb for windows and launchers like steam and battle net and stuff. And I got me a wd black 4tb for games and stuff. So today I finally got everything installed, drivers are in my C drive which is my ssd, and I started up Sekiro Shadows die twice. And right away I noticed my graphics looked terrible. And there was no visual difference between low graphics preset and max graphics preset. So my question is, is my new hard drive faulty? Or do I need to move my gpu drivers to my d drive where all my games are stored? Or what gives?
I59600k-RTX2070-16GB RAM