Question Do we still have to pair memory sticks or can we use just one stick

Apr 29, 2020
I am going to to take the 16 gig I have in my PC and put it in my son's PC (if it's the right kind), he has only 8 g right now. Will the 8g work with the new 16 gig or do I need to remove it. Been a bit since I've built PCs and just wondering if things had changed much. every time I ask someone I get different answers. Been told nope won't work, yes it will. No you don't have to pair and yes you do have to pair etc etc. So I figure this is the pace for the real info. Even if everything works with the old 8 g in is there any benefit or will it just not use it (the 8 gig). I know really unclear extensive question, sorry. I tried to cover everything LOL
Generally when you want to add ram,you want to pair it with the exact same stick,since your have bigger chance of it working together.
But that doesnt mean that sometimes random sticks wont work together,they can,but its the best to buy the exact same sticks for maximum chance of it working together.
Try it,see what happens,you have nothing to lose