Do you like AMD-ATI combination?

Do you like AMD-ATI combination?

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    Votes: 16 59.3%
  • No

    Votes: 11 40.7%

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Feb 19, 2009
I think they make quality products. I am currently running PII 940 with Trifire 4870x2+4870. That being said, I plan on upgrading to 5870x2s with this setup when they come out, but after that I will probably go intel/Nvidia (haven't used them since Ti4600) unless AMD can catch up and maintain competitive on the high end.
I like it better than an ATI video card with an nvidia chipset. Or vice cersa. Esp for something like a 790gx, where you already have catalyst drivers for the northbridge and nvidia gforce drivers for the video.

So yeah, I like.

I am running AMD PII x4 940 with a Biostar 790gx A2+ and an ASUS HD4850 Top.


Jan 17, 2008
I tend to go with the Intel ATi combination. Intel because of the processing power and ATi because if the price/performance ratio. Nvidia cards are mostly over priced.

Right now it seems ATi is keeping AMD alive as Intel is killing them with their i7 and now i5 CPUs.
This week the first half of that equation stopped being AMD and started being i5.

ATI better sell alot of video cards cause AMD is going to have to sell their CPUs dirt cheap just to unload them. I am really glad I dont work on a PhenomII assembly line right now.


Dec 5, 2008
What I think about the merging of AMD + ATI:



They both have nothing to do with one another even if AMD bought ATI from Canada.

ATI headquarters are still in Canada and the employees are still Canadians making ATI video cards even if AMD bought ATI and made it as its own graphic division. I like ATI because it is originally Canadian and a very well respected company. It is also part of Canada's pride in graphics innovation and it is also like a world's wonder. It is ATI which is helping AMD to earn more money and in return, AMD kept ATI brand alive too. The selling of ATI has to do more about financial problem or bankruptcy. However, despite the changing of ownership and merging AMD with ATI, I always see ATI as part of Canadian Technology which has nothing to do with AMD system. :bounce: Long Live Canada! :D

For the desktop solution:

I can go with Intel system + ATI with no problem. It does not mean that you had to go AMD just because you chose ATI video card. It is pretty obvious that AMD wanted you to buy its motherboard and its graphic card together so it would earn more. It is part of AMD's marketing strategy or possibly marketing hype to convince customers to use AMD system with ATI video cards. You just had to choose what system you prefer best and what offers the best bang for buck.


Jan 13, 2009
I preferrably dont like it, i'd much rather like ATI to pair up with intel, except combine its architecture with nvidia's so it'll be twice as good >:]

Anyway, i dont really mind AMD, i just prefer intel because the processor might be a little better, but i dunno the difference between a intel + ATI and a AMD + ATI, if its a large difference in FPS, then hey.


Nov 23, 2008
If you prefer ATi combination, try get everything from the same platform... Like, HD4870(Dragon)+Phenom II(Dragon)+ 790GX mobo(Dragon).. Don't mix Dragon and Spider..



I use my hard earned $ on good products not company name or structure.....

I use Intel CPU when it is good. Same thing with AMD

Same thing apply to GPU maker NVIDIA and ATI

No loyalty to company.....I like good products that make sense to my specific needs
Yeah I guess the OP doesn't understand why 3 questions/answers in an F'in poll isn't a good idea.

Anywhoo, AMD+ATi merger sucked, and it would've been much better if the original merger plan (Intel+ATi) had gone through.

For Mobile and Desktop I once again prefer Intel+ATi, but unfortunately AMD has FAQed up the mobile division (giving nVidia a 3 year uncontested mobile advantage where nV only started outselling ATi after AMD bought them, and only recently did that come back because nV's notorious problems with their chips; but even still if you want a good top end laptop, it's likely 8+ out of 10 times you will find an nV GPU inside.

As for pairing parts, going AMD+ATi for some BS perceived idea that being all one brand is better means you're missing out and leaving alot of performance & value on the table just for perceived homogeneity benifits that aren't born out by any studies into the matter. :pfff: