Do you think a 4th generation iPod touch will appreciate over the next 10 years?

I was recently cleaning and I found my old iPod touch 4th generation. This was my first handheld smart device running IOS. My particular model is a silver and black 64gb model, the top of the line iPod from 2011. I peeled the old poorly installed screen protector off which had become sticky and yellow. I used some hydrogen peroxide to clean off of the remaining adhesive and revealed a good condition screen. The silver metelish back is scratched up but the iPod feels great in the hand. The last of the steve jobs era styling looks great and the device feels more solid, heavy and higher quality than my 6th gen iPod and modern smartphone. After plugging it using an old 30 pin cable, it works perfectly. The battery holds a charge for a while and the wifi connected automatically. The screen is tiny coming from a 6-inch 18x9 phone, but it looks very clear and plays 720p youtube well using the latest version of the youtube app that supports ios 6.1.6. Unfortunately, I bought this iPod used and it doesn't have any origional accessories nor the original box. Do you think this model will appreciate over the next 10 years or so? I have been tempted to buy a first gen iPod touch in hopes that they will appriciate.

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