[SOLVED] Do you think I will be OK with this 350W PSU?

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Aug 30, 2013
I have an old PC that I use for accounting, and maybe some occasional YouTube videos. It used to have a E7500 Core 2 Duo but yesterday I upgraded it with an used Core 2 Extreme QX6850. The video card is GTX 650Ti. The main board is G41. It has a 1TB HDD and an Optical Drive. Powered by 350W PSU.

Now before the CPU was upgraded, it ran fine. Now it still runs fine. I ran Furmark and the 12V rail dipped to 11.92V minimum, measured with a multimeter.

The PSU is a Cooler Master 350W. It only becomes a little warm when Furmark is run for 15 minutes.

But I am worried, can the PSU make it? I don't have the money to upgrade the PSU right now. Is it okay if I just continue to run the computer with the PSU maxed out? Do you think the PSU is overloaded?

I can't take out the graphics card because the G41 is too weak for 1080p youtube videos and my monitor only supports DVI and HDMI.

PSU specs:

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You are bumping up against the power supplies limits. If the limits are exceeded, the power supply should shut off, not explode or melt down. This means you’ll have a system that will crash from time to time, But such crashes shouldn’t be ruinous to the system. I say should because when you exceed the limits all kinds of things can happen. It would be good to go with a video card with lower power requirements. If you have software that supports it, you can also try under clocking your current video card.
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The CPU alone has a max of 130W TDP.
The 650Ti has a max of 110W TDP.

That's 240W right there, and that's not accounting for RAM, fans, drives, motherboard, etc.

Based on the photo you provided, your PSU has only a max of 276W available on the 12V rail according to your PSU. For all intents and purposes, you should consider it to be a 276W PSU.

Get a new (high quality) PSU as soon as possible. You MAY be able to get away with using the system for very minor tasks, that do NOT push the CPU and GPU very much, but it's risky.

I see you've gotten a new one, and that definitely gives you more headroom, but I've read that the VS series from Corsair isn't all that good. Further, there's the whole "new vs old" for the CX (and I think the VS) units, and that the newer ones are supposed to be better, but this is all well beyond my area of expertise. This thread doesn't have much good to say about them, but that thread is 2 years old.