Question Do you think my MOBO, PSU, or Cpu shorted out

Sep 2, 2021
I done messed up good yall, essentially, I had a working system that I built and its like a wall pc so all the components are out in the open. The system has been running fine so far but today I noticed that the 6 pin power connector for my CPU wasnt plugged in all the way (with the clip engaged) and Without thinking I reached over and pushed it in while my system was on. The moment it clipped in my whole pc shut down, I tried using my power button but nothing happened, its completely dead. None of the fans spin, no blinking lights the pc doesnt turn on at all, no outout to my monitor. I unplugged my power switch and tried using the screwdriver method to turn my pc on my pc by touching the 2 pins but nothing worked there as well. Do you guys think I messed up my psu, motherboard, or the cpu? Thank you for your time!


Check to see if the PSU comes on by jumping the PSU itself.
You can google how to do this.
If you hear it come on....and you already jumped the pins at the MB and it didn't come on....I think the MB failed. I would bet MB over PSU anyway.
I tend to doubt CPU at this point.