Question Do you think the Intel dedicated gpus will aleviate the current gpu market?And is it worth waiting for them, especially the lower end ones?


My guess is the majority of the cards will make their way to OEMs and wind up in pre-builts. Maybe a premium line of the high end cards sold direct to consumer, but demand will likely not shift until the cards are proven to be effective.
Automotive parts aren't on the bleeding edge and weren't likely impacting the GPU/CPU production capacity at TSMC. The only reason why the automotive industry got screwed was because when they found out they needed parts now, everyone else filled in their slots.
they werent before, but they are now
they found out they need parts, coz plants were closed and nobody made them, malaysia was shut from june, and it runs 80% about now, so carmakers had to shift somewhere...
other asi countries plants were closed due to covid....add to it increased demand for home electronics
mobile phones are in low supply now aswell