Feb 29, 2004
Hi guys
My mates pc is doing my head in
When I turn it on everything spins up but I get nothing on screen. I have tryed 3 different graphics card 3 hdd and 2 cpu's and still nothing. Finally I changed the hdd molex for another one and it botted up fine.
I have not tryed it for a few days and now it wont boot up again. so I disconected the 2 dvd drives and pluged one of their molexes into the hdd and it booted fine.
this sounds like to me that the psu has not got enough power, does this sound right?
would a dodgy PSU allow the pc to spin up but not allow anything on screen?
Thanks for any help

Epox NF2 ultra
512 kingston value ram
wd 1200 hdd
generic PSU