Does 240GB ssd show up as full 240GB?


Mar 29, 2010
When you have a 500gb hard disk, Windows will only show you that you have a 465GB hard disk. Does this also happens in SSD.
If I install a 240GB hard disk on my computer, will it show up as full 240GB SSD or it would be somewhere 210GB-220GB only?

I understand why it happens on hard disks, but does it also happen on SSD?

Yes, it does. The way HDD & SSD manufacturers calculate a Gigabyte (GB) is different than the way Windows calculates a Gigabyte.

HDD & SSD manufacturers calculate 1 Gigabyte as 1,000,000,000 bytes.
Microsoft & memory RAM manufacturers calculate 1 Gigabyte as 1,073,741,824 bytes (1024 x 1024 x 1024).

Windows should show around 223GB for a 240GB SSD.


Aug 23, 2016
Unfortunately Dereck47 is right. Companies are technically correct to customers. 1 Gigabyte = 1000 * Megabytes etc. Indeed, Kilo, Mega, Tera etc. are 1000 times of each other for any units. OTOH, ignorance and non-adhering to standards mistakenly lead to the whole IT world calling 1 Megabyte = 1024 Kilobytes and so on. In fact 1024 KB = 1 Mebibyte with "bi" standing for binary i.e. 2^10 = 1024. The same with Kibi, Tebi, Pebi etc. So It's Microsoft Windows who wrongfully displays 223 GB (Gigabytes) when it should display 223 GiB (Gibibytes) ;)