Does 3dm 06 run on W7 64 Bit ?

I have just installed 64 bit W7 and wanted to know before i bothered downloading it if anyone else has run 3dm 06 on a 64 bit system before.
The download say's its a 32 bit XP application but i have run it on W7 which isnt officially supported.
I just wanted to do some testing between 32bit and 64 bit W7 on my system and dont really want to use Vantage if i can help it. Might just have to stick with benchmarking using actual games.



Jan 27, 2009
Runs just fine in every 64-bit Windows operating system I've tried it on, W7 included.

Not sure it ran on really early builds of W7, pre-beta ones, but it works just fine in RC.
Ok guys i have it sorted i got 3dm06 to run if anyone else was wondering.
64 bit is worth an extra thousand pointless bunglihoo points but at least it gives me an extra comparison to draw from.