Question Does a 2nd gen intel bottleneck the gtx1050(2gb)?

Mar 12, 2021
I just wanted to ask as i upgraded my gpu just now and im curious to ask if how much bottleneck does the i5 2320 produce on the PALIT gtx 1050 2gb?

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Generally, bottlenecks is an incredibly misused term.

EVERY system has a a limitation, and that limitation moves constantly based on what you are doing and ultimately, there is rarely anything wrong with a bottleneck.

In CPU intensive applications, your CPU will be a limit. In GPU intensive applications, your GPU will be a limit.

There is no "value" to bottlenecking. You cannot calculate it. And even if you could, it would change all the time, depending on the application you are running. Bottlenecks aren't inherently bad things, every system has one. It doesn't cause any major disruption, just means you hit the limitation of one of the components, meaning you aren't utilising another to it's full potential.

But in short, would I be concerned about the combination you've put together? No. You'll be fine, then if you notice that with some of your applications, you don't like the performance, then you'll be able to find out which component to upgrade. The i5 whilst old can still run on better GPUs depending on the game.
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Apr 24, 2021
That CPU will be somewhat of a bottleneck, yes. Difficult to say how much of one.

Upgrading CPU will definitely help performance in games, but probably not as much as you would expect it to, and definitely not in-line with how much you would have to spend to do it.


A suggestion I would make is for you to investigate the CPU compatibility of your current motherboard. See if it will work with an i7 2600. You should be able to locate one for a decent price, I had seen them going for sub $100 and would expect about $60. That will buy you some time and would be well balanced with each other.
If you check you might be able to update the BIOS on your chipset and move up to 3rd gen, where a 3770 would breath new life in that rig.

Keep your power supply in mind as well. Moving from that 2nd gen i5 to an i7 is going to put more load on.