Question Does a 4k 144hz monitor automatically support 2k 240hz ?


Nov 22, 2018
I was recently looking to update to a new high end monitor for a rtx 4090 and was wondering if this monitor has both these modes -

They havent listed anything below 4k 144hz and I wanted a monitor that can do 4k 144hz and 2k 240hz

Is it possible to do that with this monitor ?
You want to run a monitor at its native resolution so the image fits the number of physical pixels. Running 1440p on a 4K monitor won’t look as good as using a 1440p monitor. Also when running a non native resolution the maximum Hz is often reduced. Also if a 4K panel supports up to 144Hz that will be a physical maximum Hz (ignoring overclocking), the pixels won’t run faster just because you reduce the resolution.