Question Does a CPU affect hit registration?

Feb 25, 2019
This is of course a CSGO question, but does a CPU affect hit registration in CSGO.

I’ve played CSGO for 5-6 years, currently an A+ ESEA player which is the highest non invite division and a former ESEA Main player, I’ve played at the higher levels of CS, and potentially could have and still could make a career out of playing CS. But recently I’ve found that I have absolutely no hit registration within the game especially while playing on third party clients like ESEA and FaceIt. Can include videos as I will be making them tonight, but have multiple demos saved of shots the clearly hit, even showing the client side registration hitting multiple times while no server side registration is happening. I’m using a Ryzen 5 CPU and am curious if this could be the cause of my hit registration issues as it is the only thing I have not done anything to in an attempt to correct the issue. I’ve messed with my in game rates which are pretty standard for competitive play, I’ve oc’d my GPU even though CSGO is a CPU intensive game, and I play on a 1GB/s internet speed with about 30-40ms ping to Dallas servers while living in Philadelphia. Curious if overclocking my CPU will make a difference or if there are any other recommendations to attempt to solve the issue as I’ve begun to lose motivation to continue playing due to constant frustration.

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