Question Does a motherboard that was relesead before the release date of cpu post without bios update or flashback?

Apr 16, 2022
Hello guys,

I've needed to change my MSI B450m pro m2 + Ryzen 5 1600 to Asus H410m-a csm + i3 10100f. But I couldn't get a display. Doubting that I damaged my GPU or something, I reinstalled the older parts and the computer worked just fine.
So, even though in ASUS's website the cpu model and ram model are indicated in the compatible list, is it possible that the motherboard still needs a BIOS update or flashback? Does a motherboard that was relesead before the release date of cpu post without bios update or flashback? The motherboard unfortunately doesn't have a flashback option. So, the only way of getting it post is by using another cpu and updating it I guess?

Thanks everyone

System Specs:

Ryzen 5 1600
MSI rx 580 8gb
Corsair 8gb 3000 Mhz
Toshiba tr200 SSD
Thermaltake 600w PSU
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It won’t POST. If the BIOS needs an update to use a CPU.

But that isn’t the issue. Since the 10100F is supported on all BIOS revisions of that Motherboard.

Does the motherboard have any troubleshooting light codes? Such as a blinking light pattern or color code of multiple LED.
Apr 16, 2022
Thanks for the answer!

Yes, there is only one orange led light behind the motherboard. Depending on its frequence of blinking, you try to figure out what the problem is.
On Asus offical website it says for my specific model of motherboard:

A. Power LED flashes quickly after power on, flashing 4 times per second (no memory or memory error)

B. Power LED flashes slowly after power on, flashing once every 2 seconds (no VGA card or VGA card error)

C. The Power LED flashes super slowly, the light is on for 4 seconds, and the light is off for 4 seconds (no boot device or boot device error)

In my case, it feels more like the B choice here but the blinking is like fading light rather than suddenly going all dark and going all orange. So I couldn't make sure. But my GPU works anyway.

The reason I asked the community about this problem is because I was watching Jayztwocents on Youtube and he said that " If the motherboard was released before the cpu, we are gonna neet to use an older cpu to make a bios flashback update".