Does a new motherboard make a difference in performance?


Nov 2, 2007
If i buy a new motherboard will i notice a difference in speed and performance or does a motherboard not make much of a difference?


What motherboard do you have?

Generally motherboards from different top vendors with the same chipsets vary little in performance - you shop for features and price. Then there is a lower tier where there can be some marginal performance differences, but significant differences in quality (durability), support, and features.

There are some differences in performance with different chipsets, but these usually do not affect performance as much as CPU and graphic card differences.

Usually mobo changes are made to support changes in CPU, memory, or other components.

But generalizations aside, the key is what particular mobo you have and whether you would change other components too or just want a board to plug in existing ones. So back to the original question - what is your mobo? And, do you want to consider a CPU change or are you trying to enable other features?


Contributing Writer
It kind of depends on what your board is currently, what you plan to go to, what your other hardware components are, what you do 75%+ with your system...etc.

We would need some info like processor/make, video card, RAM(amounts and speed, please), hard drives(interface/speeds/cache)...

Any specific apps or games? Anything you are WANTING it to do specifically that it might not currently??