Question Does AMD Chipset drivers auto OC the system

I dont want to OC the system and I am worried that AMD would auto OC the system. Also are AMD chipset drivers useful or not?
First: what CPU do you have?

Second: what is overclocking in your opinion and why is it so concerning to you?

AMD uses very aggressive boost clocks when it's able to, clocks that are hard to keep stable if you manually set them with CPU multiplier. But it's completely safe when it does it itself because it's monitored by hundreds of sensors and reduced as necessary to keep it both safe and stable. Whatever the chipset drivers do it's not going to be 'overclocking' in AMD's opinion so long as you're not setting a manual multiplier.

They must be very confident in the approach as they've sold literally millions of these things...just think of the warranty liability if they're wrong!

And yes, the chipset drivers are pretty important. They also provide support for USB ports on CPU and chipset, PCIe, GPIO and a few other things tacked onto chipset and CPU to function correctly, reliably and securely.